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Republic Single Ply and Coating SystemsRepublic Powdered Metals, Inc., an ISO 9001 company, provides products and services for roof and wall restoration. Republic products provide long-term performance and energy savings to ensure that customers have the right solution to meet their specific restoration needs. Republic Powdered Metals, the founding company of RPM, Inc., has been a leader in the roof coating and restoration industry since 1947.

Polyisobutylene (PIB) is a non-curing, elastomeric single ply membrane

Excellent Weathering Characteristics in the Harshest Climates

Due to the nature of the non-curing polymer in Geoflex, the membrane does not age like other polymers; instead the system remains flexible, never stiff or brittle, allowing for the membrane to retain its flexibility even at low temperatures.

Energy Saving Reflectivity

As an Energy Star rated product, the white reflective surface can help to reduce cooling costs of a facility by up to 50%. Furthermore, this reflective surface also helps to lower rooftop temperatures often associated with premature aging of the system; therefore, extending the service life of the system.

BEST WARRANTY. 15-YEAR LEAK-PROOF LABOR AND MATERIAL WARRANTY... the ultimate proof of our performance.

Republic Powdered Metals stands behind all of its products by offering comprehensive warranty protection directly to its customers.

Long-Term Performance

With more than 50,000,000 square feet of Geoflex membrane installed across the country in the past 20 years, Geoflex PIB has proven itself and continues to remain a system of integrity and endurance.

Exceptional Seam Strength

It's Geoflex's pre-engineered, self-sealing seams that ensure the integrity of the system. The simple installation with peel and stick seems provides an instant bond for a watertight seal. In addition, the PIB formula is blended together through an extruded manufacturing process, which means less stress introduced into the sheet during processing to eliminate shrinkage after installation.

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Geogard Elastomeric Coating is the Solution
For Weathered, Leaking & Deteriorating Single Ply - Modified Bitumen - Built Up Roofs

GEOGARD, a proven restoration coating, is designed to extend your roof's life by forming a waterproofing and weatherproofing seal. As a high performance, monolithic roof coating, it bonds to a variety of substrates including single plies, modified bitumen & BUR. An established specialized patch and repair material, GEOGARD, combined with a reinforcement material, easily repairs roof blemishes such as failed seams, blisters and flashings. The GEOGARD flexible base coat provides waterproofing protection, while the white reflective finish provides excellent ponding and chemical resistance. GEOGARD repairs substrate deficiencies, seals cracks and provides energy savings. Not only does GEOGARD extend your roof's life, but also provides an aesthetically pleasing white reflective surface that reflects up to 85% of harmful rays from the sun.

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Solar Gard Hy-Build
The Ultimate Elastomeric Waterproofing System

Extend the Life, Waterproof, and Protect Your Metal Roof for Years to Come

SOLARGARD HY-BUILD coating for metal roof systems provides flexibility even in extreme temperatures, resistance to hydrolysis, and stability to ultra-violet rays, which is the essence of a truly high-performance elastomeric coating. The pure acrylic-based elastomeric roof coating is resistant to yellowing and chalking. Maintaining its white color, SOLARGARD HY-BUILD reduces roof temperatures as much as 60 degrees. Once applied, SOLARGARD HY-BUILD provides a very effective barrier against water intrusion.

The Best Way to Waterproof Leaking or Deteriorating Walls

SOLARGARD HY-BUILD is also designed to patch, repair, seal, protect and beautify walls of concrete, masonry, brick and stucco. The one coat coverage of SOLARGARD HY-BUILD hides surface defects, bridges hairline cracks and fills pores to provide a weatherproofing seal. In addition it its watertight seal against water, SOLARGARD HY-BUILD reflects up to 85% of the sun's harmful rays and is resistant to yellowing and chalking.

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The Best Alternative to Replacement of a Rusty Metal Roof

ALUMANATION 301 protects your metal roof and walls from rust and corrosion, eliminating the need for costly metal panel replacement. This premium, asbestos-free, aluminum-fibered coating provides outstanding corrosion, waterproofing and ultraviolet protection. Excellent for new roof protection or roof restoration. ALUMANATION 301 provides a brighter surface with higher reflectivity than standard roof coatings. With this increased reflectivity roof temperatures will be lower, reducing your cooling costs. Applied easily in one coat, ALUMANATION 301 typically performs 12-15 years before recoating is necessary.



10-YEAR LEAK-PROOF LABOR AND MATERIAL WARRANTY on SOLARGARD HY-BUILD - GEOGARD - ALUMANATION 301 from the manufacturer, Republic Powdered Metals directly to the customer when applied by a factory authorized applicator.

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Republic Powdered Metals Products

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